Port Keats, Moyle Rivers, Mini Mini, Port Essington.

Price, is based on chartering the whole boat for 7 days $25,800

Per person costs are:

  • $2,150pp for 7 days based on a group of 12
  • $2,580pp for 7 days based on a group of 10
  • and so on
  • pricing above is approximate, please email us for a group specific quote


  • Travel from Darwin to location of choice.
  • 6 nights accommodation aboard the Tropic Paradise.
  • Catered meals.
  • Linen and towels.
  • Ice and soft drink per boat.

Day 1

  • Load or hook-up your fishing boat to the Tropic Paradise.
  • Depart Darwin. From the front deck watch the coast line disappear; you’re off on your fishing adventure!
  • Dinner, a delicious meal prepared by our on board chef!
  • Turn in for the night in air-conditioned rooms with full size beds.
  • Arrive at location in the early hours of the morning.

Day 2

  • Get up all fresh ready for fishing the estuary systems. Enter into the great debate of who is going in which boat today!
  • Breakfast before you head out.
  • Boats are loaded with, morning tea, lunch, soft drinks and of course ice for the fish that decide to be dinner!
  • Lunch, either come back to the Tropic Paradise for lunch or tuck into your freshly packed lunch while fishing.
  • Come back relax with a cold drink and some nibbles and share fishing stories with your group.
  • Dinner.
  • Freshen up with a fresh water shower before calling it a night/ or sit up in the saloon or on the top deck and chew the fat!

Day 3

  • Hot Breakfast.
  • Off for the day fishing. If the tides are right try some blue water fishing for Snapper or Jewies.
  • Lunch; your choice come back to the vessel or stay on the fishing boats.
  • Once the tides have changed maybe a good time to head back into the creeks for some Mangrove Jacks or Barramundi!
  • Enjoy the top deck with the group over some cold drinks.
  • Dinner, and deserts you won’t be able to resist.

Day 4

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Step off the Tropic Paradise and into your boat and head off for the day with ice, soft drinks and lunch packed.
  • Lunch. Enjoy a freshly lunch made by our live aboard chef!
  • Fish the afternoon then head back to the Tropic Paradise.
  • Mud-crab for nibbles? it’s hard to take, I know.
  • Dinner; want to have your fish for dinner, prepared by our chef? Yes yes yes!

Day 5

  • Hot Breakfast
  • Head out for the day and don’t forget the pictures, friends and family need proof!!
  • Lunch on board the mother-ship or stay out fishing and tuck into a fresh lunch.
  • Crunch time, have you got the fish of the trip? Work that lure, convince the fish your lure is the one to take!
  • Comeback to the Tropic Paradise, freeze some of the fish you’ve decided to keep.
  • Freshen up in a cool fresh water shower, use the washing machine if you need some fresh clothes.
  • Dinner in air-conditioned comfort after a warm day out on the water.

Day 6

  • Hot Breakfast
  • Head out for the last hurrah!
  • Lunch on board the mother-ship or stay out fishing and tuck into a fresh lunch!
  • Up anchor and head back to Darwin
  • Dinner for our final night, cheers to our live aboard chef!
  • Tuck in for the night or stay up with some movies while we travel back to Darwin

Day 7

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Load up any fish you have kept to take home with you and prepare for departure.
  • Arrive back into Darwin harbour. Say our good byes and hope to see you again soon.